What is love? A timely question at this time of the year. Everyone wants to feel love. But do we really understand what true love is? To fully grasp love, one must understand the concept of unconditional love.

Love is something felt by the lover. You experience love in a very personal way when you love someone. The love you feel for someone else may differ from the love they feel for you. There can be differences, whether subtle or profound. One person might be feeling love for another, while the other may not feel it at that moment, day, or week. Love is often filtered by the mind, with its many possible thoughts.

The deeper the love we feel, the more we let our heart take over. We can say categorically that love is an experience of affection for another.

Love is Unconditional

We come into this world with many desires, but the greatest need of all is for love. A child who is not shown unconditional love by a parent will doubt their own worth. The minds of young children are highly impressionable. They absorb information quickly but often misinterpret what they have learned. A child who does not receive enough unconditional love will feel that love is conditional. Adults can overcome this, but it often requires a lot of effort.

Love does not conquer all, especially for someone who struggles to feel loved and has serious problems. Romantic love will not solve this issue. The best way to break this learned behavior is through unconditional love from a parent.

The Role of a Parent

Unconditional love is a powerful example of love. A devoted mother knows all the little and big needs of her child. She understands how to make her child feel happy and safe. She anticipates these needs and tries to meet as many as possible. Structure and discipline are also important. They help a child respect himself and others. The best parents know this and blend it all together.

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